“I’ve found termites, what should I do?”

“Don’t Panic!”

If you think that you have found termites here’s what to do next:

  1. Stop any further disturbance, don’t spray with fly spray and if you can cover the area/s where you found them, this will help by keeping them where we can find and identify them which will help us do our job and get them out.
  2. We can treat the active termites on the spot and stop them fast! All costs will be discussed and approved by you prior to commencement of work. Then we recommend having a thorough inspection of your property to see if the termites are anywhere else and treat as required.
  3. We will schedule a follow up inspection of the areas we have treated to make sure activity has ceased and discuss what further termite management may be necessary to stop them coming back. The follow up check is free.Call us on 5445 8437

Termite Treatments

Active Treatments

You want them gone NOW!!! We understand, we know that there are a range of emotions that surge through us when we’re under threat and when it comes to your home, which for most of us is the largest investment we have, those emotions are pretty strong.But just hang in there because we can help.

So what’s the next step!

After we arrive we’ll get you to show us what you’ve found we’ll provide our suggestion for treating the infestation and advise what the cost will be.
There are several methods available for treating active termites.

  1. Treat with termiticide in a foam carrier (looks like shaving cream) which is our favourite because the foam coats every surface so termites can’t escape coming in contact with the termiticide.
  2. Treat with termiticide dust. Dust relies on the termites picking up the dust on their bodies as they pass through the treated areas. Termites groom each other & will ingest the dust picked up when grooming is carried out. Dusting is effective but a little bit slower than the foam.
  3. Direct destruction of the nest, realistically this is rarely done. Large areas full of a muddy substance are often found by pest managers and the home owner is told it’s a nest when in fact it’s a feeding zone and does not contain the king and queen, so destruction of this area does not harm the nest much at all.

We don’t do a “one size fits all” type of job. We’ll take the time to look at your home & then recommend the best method of attacking your termite invasion. Most often there will some options for treatment & we’ll go through those with you.

Termite Preventative Treatments can be classified into three categories;

  1. Liquid treatments applied to the soil to deter termite entry.
  2. Physical treatments applied to the building.
  3. Baiting and monitoring systems, target specific technology.

Liquid treatments

The classic way of installing a treated zone often referred to as a barrier around a property is by trenching the soil, all the soil should be removed so that the footings are exposed. Footings are the foundations that the house’s concrete slab or piers sit on and is the part of the building that the termites first encounter.

Once the footings are exposed we ensure that the footings are free of mortar from the bricks or any other debris that would interfere with the treatment, bits and pieces like rocks, sticks& tree roots etc. The footings and the adjacent soil are then treated with the chosen termiticide/chemical. Part of the soil is then refilled into the trench and more termiticide added and this is repeated until the trench is refilled with the soil and the correct volume of termiticide is applied.

Reticulation can save up to 80% of retreatment cost!!

Reticulation is a method of distributing termiticide, basically it is a purpose built plumbing system placed around the perimeter of the structure being treated, the same trenching procedure as described above is undertaken to expose the footings, but from there the procedure is slightly different.

The trench is partially back filled and then the reticulation line is installed and the remainder of the fill is replaced on top of the line.

The application of the termiticide can then be done by connecting to the reticulation line and injecting the correct volume of termiticide into the soil. This also avoids the termiticide passing through the air and ensures it ends up exactly where it’s meant to be.

The reticulation system that we use is ALTIS which has a precision delivery through an emitter that allows a precise amount to pass through at a given pressure which ensures an even application of termiticide over the entire line.


The best thing about installing a reticulation system is that you only have to trench around the


structure once and this will save  you a lot of money because when the treatment needs to be renewed we simply hook up to the refill points and apply the correct volume of termiticide to the line. This cuts out lots of digging and disturbance to the surrounds of the structure and eliminates most of the labour cost. You willsave up to 80% of the retreatment cost so it’s worth spending a little more in the beginning to install a reticulation system.

Physical treatments, these treatments are applied to the building itself and consist of materials that are impervious to termites. Materials range from metal mesh and sheet to stone, glass, plastics and sealants permeated with termiticide. Not many structures can be fitted with these products after they are built.

Baiting System

Baiting and Monitoring, baiting and monitoring consists of series of termite monitoring stations placed at intervals around the structure to be protected. We monitor the stations and when active termites are located we add bait containing a growth inhibitordirectly into the monitoring station where termites will rapidly begin feeding on the bait. The active ingredientin the bait is mixed into a cellulose carrier made by grinding timber to a flour like consistency that termites will readily feed on.

Termites consume the bait as a food source and distribute it throughout the colony right back to the queen and king. The bait works by interrupting the growth cycle of the termites, they cannot become resistant or immune to the bait and once the process is started it will end in total colony elimination removing the threat that colony posedto your home.

Aside from direct physical nest destruction, baiting and monitoring is the only 100% guaranteed method of termite colony elimination. The bait is target specific and does not affect other organisms in the soil, the bait only affects a specific protein present in insects. Mammals don’t possess the particular protein and can’t be affected by the bait so children, pets and native animals are safe.

Baiting and monitoring is ideally suited to protecting homes that are built with split levels or into hillsides where access to the soil directly against the structure isn’t possible. These structures cannot be successfully treated by conventional chemical treatments because there is no economical/practical way to apply the treatment.

Baiting and monitoring works! We’ve be using this method to treat termites for ten years with 100% success, we guarantee it! And, back it with a timber replacement warranty.

Building or Renovating

So, you’re building your dream home, extending the house you love or building an investment property and it’s all coming together nicely.

PestCare provide a range of termite protection solutions.

We use a range of termite management products designed specifically to be built into your new home, these products are some of the best on the market.

ALTIS and TERM-seal are our primary choices.Both are Code Mark registered products (the latest quality assurance body) . We have selected these products due to their superior technology, useability/versatility and longevity, and, above all their effectiveness in keeping your new home termite free.

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ALTIS is a reticulation system which delivers the chosen termiticide evenlyand when coupled with a flow meter delivers correctly measured amounts to where the line is installed.
TERM-seal, we believe that this product is arguably the most versatile termite management product we have ever used. To date we have not found a job or a situation that we have not been able to protect from termites using this product. We find this product is the renovator’s friend because we cantackle those jobs where plumbing has been moved or slabs have been joined.Once the system has been installed it is very important that regular termite inspections are carried out at least once a year.





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