Keeping Ants Out Of Your Home or Workplace

Keeping Ants Out Of Your Home or Workplace

Although just a tiny insect, ants are a huge problem, and if you’ve got an ant infestation you want it gone. You’re sick of having food spoiled, they’re in the kitchen and the bath room, all over the pet food bowls, and if you’re unlucky they’ve destroyed your air conditioner, TV or computer.

The spate of hot dry weather we are experiencing on the Sunshine Coast has billions of ants making a beeline for homes and other buildings. Dry conditions are causing ants that normally nest underground to look for areas to re-establish their colonies. Inside the walls and ceiling voids of houses, offices, and even cars and caravans, make perfect nesting sites. The small spaces within electronic equipment are also ideal.  Fortunately there are some simple environmental modifications you can make that will deter ants.

Ant infestation in the homePrevent ants from entering your home or business premises by sealing cracks and crevices using a silicone sealant product. Trim foliage close to buildings that is creating the bridges ants are using to get to the exterior walls and roofing. Overhanging palms are particularly problematic because the fruit they produce is a food source for ants and the bases of fallen palm fronds hold water.

Whilst in the current drought conditions ants are looking for moisture, they are also looking for food, so the second step you should take towards combating ants is to put food into well sealed containers or into the refrigerator, remove garbage from your home immediately and keep pet bowls very clean. In work places never put food scraps into desk side bins, have everybody use a lunch room and roster someone to empty that bin after breaks.

Finally, remove the pheromone trails that ants leave for their buddies to follow; these trails say “food this way”. Remove this roadmap by using vinegar or lemon juice mixed with water to scrub down areas where ants have been tracking.

If you find that reducing access and minimising food sources isn’t enough to manage ants it’s time to call PestCare for professional help. Our comprehensive ant treatment includes treating inside your home, outside your home & within your ceiling void

Ants at work and in the homeThe ceiling void treatment is extremely important; at PestCare we use a device that produces a very fine mist and uses a blower to push that mist out to the extremities of your ceiling void where the mist will then fall down into the wall cavities. Getting the treatment inside the wall cavities, where ants nest, is vitally important. You see, if you only treat for ants inside the building and outside the building you are missing the area where ants nest, effectively locking the nests inside the walls where ants will continue to thrive and multiply.

By combining the ceiling void treatment with lots of work getting your ant treatment into all those cracks and crevices, nooks and crannies, and the weep holes in brickwork PestCare ensure you’ll get both immediate and long term relief from ants.

Like all of our work, your PestCare ant treatment is backed by our free service period; if ants come back, so do we!

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