Declare War on Fleas

Declare War on Fleas and have a Flea Free Pet and Home this Summer

The balmy days of summer on the Sunshine Coast can unfortunately lead to much suffering among our best mates. Cats and dogs suffer relentless itching when they have fleas. Flea saliva can trigger skin infections, inflammation and allergies, resulting in expensive trips to the vet and possible doses of antibiotics, steroids and antihistamines.

Cat fleas and dog fleas are slightly different and while fleas have a preferred host; cats fleas preferring cats, dog fleas preferring dogs, if flea numbers are large, or in the absence of their preferred host, fleas will feed on whatever is available; cat fleas on dogs, dog fleas on cats and both types of fleas will feed on people.

Cat with fleasNo doubt you are already feeling itchy just reading this, so what can you do to protect your pet, your home and your family from the discomfort fleas cause?

Firstly acknowledge that the weather we enjoy on the Sunshine Coast is perfect for fleas all year round and accept that flea treatments, in whatever form you choose, need to be applied all year round, even if you aren’t seeing fleas on your pet.

Maintain the outdoor areas in your yard by regularly cleaning and removing shed pet hair, leaves and debris that otherwise accumulate. Activities like sweeping and raking create environmental disturbance that will deter fleas.

Indoors, frequent vacuuming creates the same environmental disturbance; vacuum often and empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner into a plastic bag, tie a knot in the bag and take it directly outside to your wheelie bin. (Never spray “fly spray” into your vacuum cleaner). Remember to vacuum the laundry and garage and other rooms your pet uses.

Wash your pets bedding and the surrounding areas weekly in hot water and remember to clean other things used by your pet- including your car, pet carriers and toys.

Cat fleaIf, despite being vigilant and proactive you see a flea on your pet it is crucial that you don’t ignore it and act without delay. Though you may see just one flea there will be many more. Fleas hatch as adults, mate straight away and reproduce exponentially.

Apply a registered veterinary product for fleas to your pet and get a professional in to treat your home. At PestCare we combine a larvicide with an adulticide to kill fleas at all stages of development. Application is via a “blanket” treatment to all floor surfaces, both sides of rugs or mats, pet bedding and effected furniture.  If your pet goes outside, it is critical that outdoor areas are also treated.

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