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Don’t be embarrassed! If you’ve got bed bugs it doesn’t mean that you haven’t got a clean home.
Bed bugs are easily spread and in recent years their incidence has increased dramatically, mostly due to increased world travel and the banning of highly toxic products that were once used.
Each female bed bug can produce 500 bed bugs in its lifetime. With a breeding cycle of just 1 to 2 weeks imagine how many bed bugs you’d have in one year if just one reproductive pair finds its way into your home.
To completely eliminate bed bugs eradication of all insects in an infestation must be achieved.
The key to eradicating bed bugs is being familiar with signs that indicate an infestation, followed by a thorough inspection. As experienced, professional pest managers we know where to look for bed bug harbourages based on an understanding of their behaviour.The inspection should include all adjoining rooms.
Treatment will involve using a combination of heat, steam and insecticides.
Bed bugs easily spread throughout a building. If you live in a unit or a house that adjoins another one, it is essential to inspect and treat the adjoining property to avoid re infestation of your home.


You’re providing clean, well maintained accommodation and you know that there is nothing that can damage your businesses reputation more than an infestation of bed bugs. But here you are, confronted by bed bugs.
In Australia bed bugs are most commonly found in dwellings with a high rate occupant
turnover. They are bought in in bags, clothing, on shoes and other belongings.
The most common places you’ll find bed bugs include mattresses particularly along the seams, in sheets, blankets and bedspreads, bed frames, bed heads, bed side tables and drawers, in carpet and in the cracks in wooden floors, behind curtain and window blind fittings, picture frames, wall mounted light fittings, beneath the loosened edges of wallpaper and flaking paint and in joints in furniture. Cane or wicker furniture is particularly bad for harbouring bed bugs.

It’s essential; all staff should be trained to recognise signs that indicate the presence of bed bugs. Signs include the insects themselves- though rarely seen in daylight hours unless you are particularly looking for them- small blood spots on sheets or mattresses and rusty or dark spots of bed bug excrement on mattresses, bedding or walls.

Treatment will involve using a combination of heat/steam and insecticides. If you suspect that you have an infestation move the current occupier to a new room but ask them to leave their belongings in the room. Don’t allow any further movement in or out of the room until it is inspected you don’t want to spread them to more rooms:

  1. If you or your staff have been trained in Bed Bug recognition Inspect the belongings for any signs of bugs before returning them to the occupier.
  2. The adjoining rooms should be inspected during servicing, alternately call PestCare on 5445 8437 we will thoroughly inspect the room/s and belongings and treat as required.

Rooms adjoining either side as well as rooms floor below and above We can have your rooms back in service within 24-36 hours after the initial inspection. Under common law, if you provide rental accommodation of any type it must be free from all dangers, and that includes infestations of bed bugs.
If your patrons suffer bed bug bites they have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against all liable parties which may include the owners of the property, managers, staff and their insurance carriers.
You can’t afford to have rooms out of service and when bed bugs invade your establishment, the most important service you offer – a clean, safe bed and a good night’s sleep – is threatened.
Regular professional inspections can prevent the spread of bed bugs.
Rapid response to any infestation- no matter how large or small is imperative to reduce the impact on guests and the reputation of your business.
The only way to manage bed bugs is by complete eradication. We have technicians who are experienced, licensed and always professional . Call PestCare 5445 8437 for your bed bug solution today.

Bed Bugs

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